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Bancroft View SHD

We, Greenhills Living Limited, intend to apply to An Bord Pleanála for permission for a strategic housing development at Lands on Greenhills Road (north of Bancroft Park, south/west of Hibernian Industrial Estate and east of Airton Road junction), Tallaght, Dublin 24.

The development will consist of the following:

(i) demolition of existing substation and removal of existing advertisement structure on site;

(ii) construction of a residential development of 197 no. apartments (79 no. one-bedroom, 105 no. two-bedroom and 13 no. three-bedroom) in 4 no. blocks (ranging in height from seven to eight storeys with eighth floor level roof garden) as follows: - Block A containing 41 no. apartments (6 no. one bedroom, 34 no. two bedroom and 1 no. three-bedroom) and measuring eight storeys in height (with eighth floor roof garden);- Block B containing 79 no. apartments (33 no. one bedroom, 34 no. two bedroom and 12 no. three bedroom) and measuring eight storeys in height; - Block C containing 42 no. apartments (24 no. one bedroom and 18 no. two bedroom) and measuring seven storeys in height; and, - Block D containing 35 no. apartments (16. no one bedroom and 19 no. two bedroom) and measuring seven storeys in height.

(iii) all apartments will have direct access to an area of private amenity space, in the form of a balcony, and will have shared access to internal communal amenities including 2 no. resident lounges (114.7sq.m), gym (98sq.m) external communal amenity space (1,490.8sq.m) and public open space (1,667sq.m);

(iv) provision of 78 no. vehicular parking spaces (including 3 no. car-share parking spaces, 4 no. mobility parking spaces, and 8 no. electric vehicle parking spaces), 4 no. set-down vehicular parking spaces (including 1 no. mobility parking space) and 448 no. bicycle parking spaces (including 100 no. visitor parking spaces) at ground floor/ground level accessible via new vehicular entrance gate off access road off Greenhills Road;

(v) provision of 4 no. commercial units (871.5sq.m total) and 1 no. childcare facility (329.7sq.m) with associated external amenity space (168.8sq.m) located at ground floor level; and, (vi) all ancillary works including public realm/footpath improvements, landscaping, boundary treatments, internal footpaths/access roadways, bin storage, foul and surface water drainage, green roofs, removable solar panels, ESB substation and all site services, site infrastructure and associated site development works necessary to facilitate the development.